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Pre-Ground & Re-Ground Electrodes

Precision Ground Tungsten Electrodes Improve Weld-Quality & Lower Costs

Count on Arc-Zone® to deliver pre-ground tungsten electrodes with consistent finish and exceptional quality.  Our high-performance tungsten material meets or exceeds ANSI / AWS A5.12, DIN EN 26848, ISO 6848 standards.  Precision CNC ground electrodes help improve arc weld-quality and consistency.  

Enjoy crisp arc starts, longer tip life, and fewer electrode change-outs due to eroded and worn tips.  Available for orbital, high-purity, automated, mechanized TIG, micro TIG and Plasma Arc Welding applications. We work with you to schedule deliveries based on your production demands.

  • Precise: Maintain specified electrode geometry for precise welds.
  • Practical:  Pre-ground electrodes minimize electrode shedding.
  • Efficient: Eliminate maintenance and repair of dedicated tungsten grinders.
  • Safe: Improve safety and eliminate electrode grinding hazards.
  • Cost-effective: No need to stock bulk-quantities of expensive electrodes.
  • Lower costs: Re-grinding service puts your spent electrodes back into production.

Precision Ground, or Polished Finish? 

Polished welding electrodes improve arc column quality, arc starting, extend arc-on time, lowering change-out downtime, and labor costs. 

Re-Ground Electrode Service

Save big money on your burned up electrodes!  Simply send us your used tungsten electrodes, and we'll precision re-grind them to work as good as new ones!

Service Includes: Removal of Spent Tip, Ultrasonic Cleaning and Packaging.

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