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PROFAX® Versatile Gripper Chucks WP-Series Positioner - In Stock

PROFAX® Versatile Gripper Chucks WP-Series Positioner - In Stock

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Versatile Gripper Chucks (Choose Size From Drop Down Menu Above)

PROFAX® 3-Jaw welding chucks with extremely broad clamping range and reversible jaws, designed for use with the WP-Series Welding Positioners.  Low profile, self centering design allows for easy mounting of work piece.  Broad adjusibility make these perfect for clamping various sizes and moving quickly from one work piece to another.


Part Number Diameter Internal
Clamping Range
Clamping Range
Weight Fits Welding Positioner
PX-WPG-22 19.75" (501mm) 4" - 22"
(101mm) - (558mm)
1" - 15"
(25.4mm) - (381mm)
130 lbs
PX-WP-500 / PX-WP-1000 / WP-2000 / WP-6000
PX-WPG-26 24.75" (629mm) 6" - 26"
(152mm) - (660mm)
1.5" - 18" 
(38mm) - (457mm)
235 lbs
PX-WP-1000 / WP-2000 / WP-6000
PX-WPG-34 30.25" (769mm) 6" - 34"
(152mm) - (863mm)
2" - 26"
(51mm) - (660mm)
365 lbs
WP-2000 / WP-6000
PX-WPG-64 65" (1.6m) 4" - 62"
(101mm) - (1.5m)
8" - 64"
(203mm) - (1.6m)
1,135 lbs.

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