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PAW Accessory Kits

Save Set-up Time by Having Needed Parts on Hand & Ready to Install

Accessory kits provide Plasma welding consuable parts for popular Thermal Dynamics PWH/M 2A, 3A, 4A and PWM-300, on hand when you need them.  Arc-Zone's Pro Accessory Kits allow you to choose the parts that best suit your welding application.

Once the torch is dialed-in, only re-order the parts you need to keep your torch up and running.  Pro Kits include parts for multiple torch set-up options, amperage ranges. etc., with a variety of back caps, constricting tips, tungsten electrodes, gas distributors, shield cups, liners, o-rings and more!

2A Starter Kit
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2A Pro Accessory Kit
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3A Starter Kit
5 of 5 Stars! (1)

3A Pro Accessory Kit
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4A Pro Accessory Kit
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4A Starter Kit
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PWM 300 Pro Accessory Kit
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