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Power Cable Leads & Shield Gas Hoses

PMW 300 Plasma Welding Lead Sets, Positive / Negative Power Cables, Shield Gas & Water Hoses

More Power to YA!  Power cables and hoses for Plasma Arc welding are critical to your PMW-300 series PAW torches performance.  They need to transfer all the power your welding power source was designed to deliver-- snappy arc starts, and high current density.
Best-of-breed materials is what makes the difference.  Arc-Zone built leads use extra-flexible rope-lay stranded and tin plated copper cable to resist corrosion, precision machined current nipples that are professionally crimped, durable, high-quality non-conductive vinyl and superflex rubber hose materials - sure, they cost more, but you get what you pay for!

Starting at:  $554.18
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Starting at:  $65.85
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Starting at:  $54.22
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Starting at:  $174.16
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8-3138, 8-3139
Starting at:  $31.00
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