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PurgeEye 300 Nano Weld Purge Monitor


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PGE-PE003X (Replaces PGE-P0003-N)

The PurgEye 300 Nano is the industry’s most affordable Weld Purge Monitor® capable of accurately reading O2 levels down to 10 Parts Per Million (PPM). This unit is specifically designed for purging applications involving ultra-high purity stainless steel, titanium, zirconium, and nickel alloy, etc. This no-frills, highly accurate monitor is a simplified version of the PurgEye 300 Weld Purge Monitor™.

New Long Lasting Sensor

Low-Maintenance Sensor The Nano comes equipped with a low maintenance, long lasting integrally mounted sensor shielded against electronic interference. This long life sensor avoids the disadvantages of monitors with outdated “wet cell” technology that require frequent re-calibration and sensor replacements.

Simple Operation

This unit has no pump and no moving parts to fail. It has no knobs, no switches or controls so it is a simple, truly plug and play monitor.

Key Features

  • Specifically developed for weld purging of critical ultra-high purity stainless steel, titanium and other joints where data logging, alarms, and other features are not necessarily required.
  • Small, lightweight and portable
  • Reads from 900 PPM down to 10 PPM
  • Low maintenance, long-lasting sensor
  • Simple, plug and play operation
  • Lowest cost monitor available that is capable of accurate readings down to 10 PPM O2.


  • Operating Voltage 115/230 V single phase 50/60Hz, the unit uses an external 12V PSU with an input voltage range of 90 to 260 Vac which is included.
  • Fast warm-up time of only two minutes
  • Large Alpha-Numeric Display
  • Power Consumption 18 W
  • Dimensions: 145 x 190 x 70 mm
  • Range: 1000 – 10 ppm
  • Accuracy: ± 2 % of scale reading
  • Includes 1 meter green tube


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