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Plasma Arc Trail Shields & Purge Cups

Precision Gas Shielding Devices for Demanding Plasma Arc Welding Jobs

Weld specialized metals like a pro with precision designed trail shields, flooding and purge cups. Each product is engineered to deliver a coherent umbrella of shielding gas for the most demanding Plasma Arc Welding (PAW) of reactive metals such as titanium, molybdenum, nickel-based and aluminum based alloys as well as non-reactive metals like stainless steel. These devices provide an inert atmosphere for increased weld-quality, consistency and reduced gas consumption, while minimizing post-weld cleanup.

Designed to optimize distribution of the shielding gas, and maintain correct gas velocity ratios between the multiple gas paths.  Direct and flow shield gases over a targeted area to promote sufficient cooling, prohibit exposure to oxygen, and prevent weld contamination.

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