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WeldX™ High-Temperature Welding Safety Apparel

New Miller® WeldX™ High-Temperature Welding Safety Apparel - State-of-the-Art Jackets, Sleeves, Bibs & Aprons Engineered For The Most Demanding Jobs.

Check out the NEW WeldX High-Temperature safety apparel from the safety experts at Miller.  Originally developed for military applications, Miller’s revolutionary new WeldX extreme high-temperature fabric combines the lightweight and breathability benefits of cotton with exceptional spatter and flame resistance.  Designed in classic black, Miller's WeldX line provides maximum welder protection and safety, with comfort and long-lasting style! 

  • NEW WeldX High-Temperature Flame Resistant material
  • Welding spatter and sparks simply “roll off” the garment upon contact - "like water off a ducks back"
  • WeldX material protects like leather, with the comfort of cotton and less than half the weight

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