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Front Loading General Purpose Machine Torch for Mechanized TIG Welding Applications

Designed to meet the demands of continuous mechanized TIG welding in harsh environments, the WP-18P machine torch is available with a straight mounting barrel, or a 27 or 32 pitch gear rack to fit nearly any fixture configuration. The front end parts are standard 18 style and are engineered to work together, minimizing downtime.

Ideal for medium-to heavy-duty amperage applications, the WP-18P is a water-cooled torch rated to 450 amps at 100 percent duty cycle. The WP-18P torch barrel is 10" long (254mm) with torch body and barrel it measures a total of 13" long (330mm) and uses a cut-to-length tungsten electrode ranging from .020" (.05mm) to 5/32" (4.0mm) in diameter.

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12.5' Torch Package

12.5' Torch Package

25' Torch Package

25' Torch Package
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