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LowRider Gas Lens Kits

New LowRider™ & LowRider Slammed™ Gas Lens Kits Shrink Your Torche's Head Size

Super-low-profile LowRider gas lens parts deliver the gas coverage needed to get a perfect weld, without the bulk and weight of a "standard" gas lens collet body. LowRider parts are designed to get your TIG torch into the tightest spaces with ease.

Whether you want to shrink your torch head size for hard to reach jobs, or if you're doing precision micro welding and want to minimize torch shake by getting as close to the work piece as possible, the LowRider Series is the ticket. 

LowRider Gas Lens Kit: 9, 20 & 2 Series
Starting at:   $85.00
4.75 of 5 Stars! (4)

LowRider Gas Lens Kit: 24 & 8 Series
Starting at:   $78.00
0 of 5 Stars!

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