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Ice-T™ Cryo-Treated - Pink Tip™

Ice-T™ Cryogenically Treated Tungsten Electrodes

State-of-the-Art Tungsten Technology.  Ice-T™ is a Cryo-Treated premium grade 2% Thoriated tungsten, the finished material has a much denser grain structure for improved electron flow and lower resistance, resulting in easier arc starts and low tip erosion when compared to standard tungsten welding electrodes. Ice-T™ tungsten is clearly differentiated by its Pink™ color band. Welding engineers, systems integrators, and production managers from around the world are switching to Ice-T™ electrodes to improve weld-quality, lower tungsten inventory costs and minimize weld defects.

Upgrading to Ice-T™ is easy to justify, and simple to calculate the cost savings in increased production time.  We are certain that you will benefit from our new tungsten technology; we offer an Unconditional Money Back Guarantee backed by our industry-leading No-Hassle Return Policy. "No one gets fired for choosing Ice-T electrodes"

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