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JW Signature Series High-Purity, 350 Amp Water-Cooled


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JW Signature Series™
Arc-Zone founder Jim Watson's line of State-of-the-Art TIG welding products. For nearly 40 years Jim has been leading the pursuit of innovation, quality & performance.  JW Signature Series products are engineered to save expensive shield gas, and deliver superior quality welds with no moisture or atmosphere contamination. JW Signature Series™ the ultimate weapon for precision TIG welding.

JW Signature Series TIG 350 High-Purity TIG Torch Package

Premium Rigid Head 350 Amp Water-Cooled Torch Package. Compact torch body with 25' (7.6m) SuperFlex™ Power, water hoses & SuperGasHose™ Non Permeable High-density Gas Hose and Proprietary One-Way Gas Flow technology. 

The Highest Quality TIG Welds Guaranteed! 

  • Designed to deliver the highest quality welds with no gas contamination
  • SuperGasHose™ high density matrial will not kink or flatten - ensuring continuous gas flow.  More importantly, the material is non permeable, so it will not aspirate, or draw in atmosphere like rubber gas hoses are proven to do.

SuperGasHose™ Saves Up to 50% on Shield Gas

  • SuperGasHose™ Improves TIG weld quality with Proprietary SuperHose™ material and Proprietary One-Way Gas Flow technology - guaranteed to stop your TIG torch from back filling with atmosphere when you stop welding.
  • SuperGasHose™ saves money on inert gas.  Think about how many times a day you Start and Stop a weld, and how much Argon is being WASTED to purge atmosphere out of your torch leads.
  •  Change fewer gas cylinders saving you time and money!

JW Signature Series Kit Includes:

  • Water-Cooled 350 Amp Rigid Torch
  • 25' (7.6m) SuperFlex™ Water & Power
  • SuperGasHose™ Non-Permeable Gas Hose with Proprietary One-Way Gas Flow technology
  • Premium Nylon Cable Cover 
  • Monster14™ Gas Lens Kit
  • Pre-Ground 3/32” (2.4mm) ArcTime™ Hybrid Tungsten Electrode
  • Short, Medium & Long Back Caps
  • Shield Gas Flow Test Gauge
  • Collet Body Wrench
  • Ez Wipe Weld Prep Cleaning Cloth
  • Arc-Zone® Pro Series™ TIG Welding Calculator
Specifications: JWS-TIG350RG-25
Amperage 350 amps ACHF or DCSP @ 100%
Water-Cooled body 70 Degree Rigid Head
Electrode capacity .020" (.5mm) -- 1/8" (3.2mm)
Head size 9/20 / 2 Series
Torch body weight 3oz. (190g)
Torch length 7.5" (190mm)
Handle diameter 3/4" (190mm)
Water flow 1qt./min. (0.946 L/min.)
Maximum pressure 50 psi (3.448 BAR)
Power Connection Torch: 1/4" - 28 RH Female Machine: 7/8" 14LH Male (Red Water Return)
SuperGasHose™ Torch: Mechanical Machine: 5/8" 18RH Male
Water Connection Torch: Mechanical Machine: 5/8" 18LH Male (Blue Water In)
Cable Material Super Flex Rubber
Cable Length 25' (7.6m)

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JW Signature Series High-Purity, 350 Amp Water-Cooled

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