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Ground & Work Clamps

High-Quality Work Ground Clamps from 180 to 2,000 Amps!

Choose from the world's largest selection of high-quality work lead clamps for any welding job.

  • Traditional "C" style Spring Clamps
  • Clamping Pliers
  • Flat Jaw Clamps
  • Screw Clamps
  • Heavy-duty Rotary Clamps
  • Innovative Magnetic Clamps

New Shorty™ Ground Whips - More Power to You!
Because one-size and type of ground clamp doesn't work for every welding job, we created Shorty™ Ground Whips -- Short 5' (1.5m) long ground lead kits that let you quickly switch from one clamp type & size based on the job at hand. Ground your work piece Like-A-Pro with a Shorty™ Ground Whip kit!

Weld Like A Pro Tip
A high-quality work lead cable and ground clamp minimizes electrical resistance, reduces heat & energy loss for more consistent repeatable welds.

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