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Grind, Polish, Cut Machines & Accessories

Premium Tools That Help You Grind, Shape, Polish & Cut Metal Like-A-Pro

RadiusMaster™ & Multitool™ Pro Level Machines

RadiusMaster™ & Multitool™ are pro level grinding & polishing machines let you handle any job that comes in the shop door.  High-quality abrasive belt grinders ideal for, deburring, shaping, sanding, polishing, grinding, sharpening, cleaning and de-scaling metal on flat or round stock.  If you're a metal fabricator, you know that metal prep and finishing are key to a quality job.  A good multi-purpose grinder is a must for any serious metal shop.   

Multitool™ DIY Grinder Upgrade Kit

It's easy and inexpensive to upgrade your existing bench grinder with the MultiTool™ belt/disc grinder add-on, or get a complete new machine configured just how you want it. Choose from belt sizes: 2" x 36", 2" x 48", 4" x 36", and 4" x 48" models. All Multitool™ machines are compatible with the Miter Table/Disc Grinder accessories.

Portaband™ Pro Vertical/Horizontal Band Saw Upgrade Kits

Perfect for the shop or job site. General contractors, weld shops and hobbyist can easily cut pipe, tube for metal fabrication, plumbing jobs etc.  The Portaband Pro transforms your Milwaukee or DeWalt Deep Cut Portaband saw into a portable chopsaw, or upright band saw. What a great tool!

Portaband Pro Band Saw Kits for Milwaukee
Starting at:   $379.99
5 of 5 Stars! (1)

Portaband Pro Band Saw Kits for DeWalt
Starting at:   $379.99
0 of 5 Stars!

M.K. Morse Master Cobalt® Band Saw Blades
Starting at:   $27.50
0 of 5 Stars!

Multitool® Grinder Kit w/ 2" x 36" Belt
Starting at:   $595.00
4.67 of 5 Stars! (3)

Multitool® Grinder Kit w/ 2" x 48" Belt
Starting at:   $695.00
0 of 5 Stars!

RadiusMaster® Series II Belt Grinding Machine
Starting at:   $3,000.00
0 of 5 Stars!

Abrasive Belt Kits for RadiusMaster & Multitool
Starting at:   $54.99
5 of 5 Stars! (1)

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