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Gas Saver™ Pyrex TIG Nozzles

Gas Saver Pro Kits, Everything you Need to TIG Weld Like A Pro™

With an Arc-Zone Gas Saver Pro™ Kit you can produce high-quality welds on a consistent basis for a variety of TIG welding applications. The Pyrex glass nozzle offers excellent visibility of the weld puddle and the tungsten electrode-- ideal for inside corners, pipe and tube clusters etc. Gas Saver™ kits are available in tungsten electrode sizes from .040" (1.0mm) to 5/32" (4.0mm) and are engineered with a replaceable tungsten adapter and universal collet for low cost screen replacement.  Buy with confidence, all gas saver parts are genuine CK®, made in the U.S.A.. and are readily available from Arc-Zone.com.

Two Nozzle Sizes To Choose From:

The #8 Gas Saver Pyrex nozzle has a 1/2" (13.mm) orifice and saves up to 40% of shield gas consumption, providing better flow patterns and allowing for electrode stick-out of up to six (6) times electrode diameter. Gas Saver component parts are lightweight when compared to a "traditional gas lens collet body" for improved operator comfort and torch control.

The #18 Large Diameter Gas Saver Pyrex nozzle has a 1-1/8” (28.5mm) orifice and is used to provide a large inert atmosphere for the welding of reactive metals such as titanium, molybdenum, nickel-based and aluminum based alloys as well as non-reactive metals like stainless steel. The large gas saver nozzle delivers the ultimate shield gas coverage.

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