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Proportional Gas Mixers & Mixing Regulators

Proportional Gas Mixers Allow You to Accurately Customize Gas Mixtures for Optimal Welds 

Proportional precision gas mixers deliver accurate weld shielding gas supply for specialized TIG/GTAW, MIG/GMAW and Plasma Arc welding applications.  Our premium gas mixers allow you to "dial in" different gas mixes for various welding jobs resulting in the best shielding gas coverage for your application.  When you optimize your shield gas mix-- you get improved weld-quality, and lower gas costs.

Lower Costs Associated with Stocking & Handling Pre-Mixed Bottled Gases

Various welding jobs require different gas mixes for best performance. On-site mixing of gases with a Smith® proportional gas mixer eliminates inventorying and handling of costly premixed gases. Individual gases can be mixed for specific welding or other industrial requirements resulting in improved performance. Controlling the mixture of gases will result in lower cost and better controlled weld-quality.

Improve Quality & Reduce Set Up Time

No need to change cylinders, regulators, flow meters or hoses when changing from one range of mixed gas to another. Just turn the dial to the mixture you need. No critical adjustment of flow meters or complex calculations needed to achieve proper mixture rates.

Eliminate Gas Separation Common with Bottled Gasses

Premixed gases may separate (stratify) into the individual gases within the cylinder. Smith’s proportional gas mixer eliminates gas stratification and always gives you an accurate mixture.

Simply Dial-in Gases Needed for Your Application

Whether your operation is using a single weld station or a manifold system supplying many welders, operation is simple, easy and accurate.  Precision gas mixers are ideal for training personnel to show the benefits of different shield gas mixtures on welding and other scientific applications.  Shield gas mixers allow operators, and welding engineers to quickly and consistent verify what gases are being used, and more importantly to see the effects of various gas mixtures on weld appearance, weld quality and penetration. Gas mixers can make a significant improvement in your welding productivity, lower costs and reduce scrapped parts.

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