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SSC Everlast Style (7 Pin) 50k Ohm

SSC Everlast Style (7 Pin) 50k Ohm


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SSC Everlast Style (7 Pin) 50k Ohm
SSC Everlast Style (7 Pin) 50k Ohm
SSC Everlast Style (7 Pin) 50k Ohm


Upgrade your foot control for Everlast TIG welders with 7 pin plug that use a 47k to 50k (50,000-ohm) potentiometer.  Comes with 25-foot cable.  Fits Everlast TIG welders requiring these specs. The foot pedal plugs into the 7 pin receptacle on your welder.  You can find the ohm value of the foot pedal’s potentiometer in your owner’s manual for your welder (or see below).   Features US-made 16ga drawn steel case, million cycle rating, precision arc control, wide top traction area, and low profile. Made in the USA.

Note from Everlast on choosing your pedal: “When choosing your pedal, you will need to determine the ohm value of the potentiometers. Everlast uses 22k and 47k ohm value potentiometers in their pedals (these are also known as 25k and 50k). All pedals for the PowerTIG, PowerPro, PowerArc, and PowerMTS welders bought after December 2015 should use a 22k pedal (such as SSC model C925-0725). Previous to that date, there is some variation in ohm value. If you currently have a pedal, and there is no external marking as to whether it is a 22k or a 47k, you will need to disassemble the welder’s foot pedal to determine the markings on the rear of the potentiometer. This will indicate the actual ohm value of your pedal. For the 50k model, you can use SSC model C950-0725. If you do not have a foot pedal, or cannot open your pedal, contact Everlast Technical support for assistance. This underscores the importance of correct foot pedal selection.”

Also note: Will not work with some models that have a 7 pin female receptacle on your welder, such as some models of the PowerMTS 251 SI, which requires a male plug on the foot pedal, not the female plug as shown.  Check your welder to make sure the plug shown will be able to plug in.  Also will not work on TIG welders that offer lift TIG only.

  • Meets ISO 9001 Specifications
  • Certification CSA NRTL/C
  • Black Powder Coat Finish
  • 1-Year Warranty
  •  Made in USA

8.8" (22.4cm) Long, 5.5" (14.0cm) Wide, 4.1" (10.2cm) High.

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SSC Everlast Style (7 Pin) 50k Ohm

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