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Dual Flow Meters & Gas Mixing Kits

Back Purge, Flood & Mix Shield Gases Like A Pro

You know the time when you wanted to back purge that Titanium exhaust system, or mix Helium to your Argon to get more heat into that thick section aluminum part.  Arc-Zone makes it easy for you to dial up your TIG game with products designed to help you get the job done without blowing up your wallet!

Choose from our cost-effective Gas Mixing Kits & run two different gases into one machine.  Adding helium will give you a hotter arc than pure argon, & premixed bottles of 75/25 (75% Argon 25% Helium) are expensive & often the gas stratifies (separates) which you would never know.  You could buy a dedicated gas mixer, but they are cost prohibitive for most shops.  The simple, low-cost solution is our Gas Mixing Kit!

For back purging applications select a gas "Splitter" & run a primary gas to your torch & a second purge line off of one gas cylinder.  You can use your existing Flowmeter & add another low-cost Flowmeter to get the back gas you need, without the expense of a dedicated dual flowmeter. 

Based on your application & budget, you may want a precision dual flowmeter/regulator, choose from our complete line of high-quality dual gas Flowmeter with or with out gas supply hoses.

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Premium Dual Argon Flowmeter/Regulator

Premium Dual Argon Flowmeter/Regulator
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