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Dual Argon Flowmeter & JWS Pro Series™ Purge Hose Kit

Dual Argon Flowmeter & JWS Pro Series™ Purge Hose Kit

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Dual Argon Flowmeter & JWS Pro Series™ Purge Hose Kit
Dual Argon Flowmeter & JWS Pro Series™ Purge Hose Kit
Dual Argon Flowmeter & JWS Pro Series™ Purge Hose Kit
Dual Argon Flowmeter & JWS Pro Series™ Purge Hose Kit
Dual Argon Flowmeter & JWS Pro Series™ Purge Hose Kit

Flametech® Dual Argon Flowmeter & JWS Pro Series™ Purge Hose Kit  (select option from drop down menu)

JWS Pro Series kits are built with Flame Tech® Dual Gas Flowmeters engineered to deliver precise control of primary (Torch) and secondary (Back Purge) shield gases.  Accurately regulate the flow of welding gases to two separate welding processes from a single gas cylinder. 

Example: Supply a TIG torch and a backup purge bar, tubing plug, secondary shield nozzle, trail shield or flooding cup. Use one side of the flow meter as an argon supply for your MIG machine when welding aluminum etc. 

Three (3) Kits to Choose from

1. Dual Gas Flow Meter
Flame Tech® Dual Gas Flow Meter only

2. JWS Pro Series™ Dual Gas Flow Meter Starter Kit:
Flame Tech® Dual Gas Flow Meter with 6' (1.8m) Primary Gas Supply Hose to Welding Machine and Secondary Gas Port Plug with leash chain. This kit gives you what you need to get started and allows you to cap off the second gas port when not purging, insuring no gas leaks.  Does not include Purge hose kit.

3. JWS Pro Series™ Dual Gas Flow Meter Deluxe Kit:
Flame Tech® Dual Gas Flow Meter with 6' (1.8m) Primary Gas Supply Hose to Welding Machine, Secondary 30' (9.1m) long Purge Gas Hose with Quick-Disconnect Fittings, Gas Port Plug with leash chain so you can cap off the unused gas port when not purging.  Includes yellow Vacuum Caps on the plastic flow tubes to protect them from wrench impacts when installing or changing cylinders, and to eliminate gas leaks and atmosphere that can be drawn in, or leaked out through the rubber seals in the top of the flow tubes.

The Deluxe kit also includes a 6" (0.15m) long whip hose with quick-disconnect, gas flow test gauge, spare fittings and hose adapters to thread into purge caps or plugs, and DIY gas fittings so you can custom tailor your purge hose for the job at hand!  Everything you need is in one kit!

Kit Options:

Part Number FLT-200-FL-AR-60-580 JWS-200-DFM JWS-200-DFM-LQD
Gas Inlet from Tank CGA-580
Gas Outlet  5/8"18RH Female (2-Ports)
Flow Range 10-60 CFH (4.7-28.3 LPM)
Fixed Output 50 PSIG
Secondary Port Plug -- Included Included
Gas Hose to Machine -- 6' (1.8m)
Customizable Length
6' (1.8m)
Customizable Length
Secondary Purge Gas Line -- --

30' (9.1m) Customizable Hose 
w/ Quick-Disconnect
12" (0.3m) Whip - Hose

Quick Disconnect -- -- High-Quality Gas QD
Extra Purge End Fittings -- -- 5/18" x 18 Gas Nipple & Nut
1/4" NPT Male / Hose Barb
Gas Flow Test Gauge -- -- Included

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Dual Argon Flowmeter & JWS Pro Series™ Purge Hose Kit

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5 of 5 Stars!
Works great! I bought the cheaper sparc dual flow meter and had issues with them leaking and not reading correctly and then I bought the flametech and it works flawlessly, no leaks and reads accurate and the quality is top notch!

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5 of 5 Stars!
Nicely built flow meter, it reads in CFH and the purge kit with the QD it’s pretty handy. Awesome kit all together

Added:  by

5 of 5 Stars!
Very well assembled and just all around convenient

Added:  by

4 of 5 Stars!
I loved it for the most part. I needed it to back purge, and it did just that. It actually got more than I expected with the product. The only reason I didn't give it five stars, was because the graduations scale on one of the flow meters was out of place. It was about a 1/4 of an inch too high in the tube, but with the supplied hand held meter I was able to get my flow dialed in perfectly. At least for my skill level of melting metal together:o) If you do need one, you'll have a hard time finding a more complete kit on the market that even comes close to the price of this one!!!

Added:  by

5 of 5 Stars!
Hands down one of the best shop tools I've bought. The price is a steal and it comes with everything but the argon! This will step up your game 200%

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