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Tungsten Grinding Wheels

High-Quality Industrial Grade Diamond Wheels for Tungsten Electrode Grinding Machines

Arc-Zone® is the world's leading supplier of premium diamond grinding wheels used to precision grind tungsten electrodes for the most demanding TIG and Plasma Arc Welding jobs. 

Quality Industrial Grade Diamond Wheels
We do not sell cheap import wheels that are reverse engineered copies of copies. Arc-Zone® supplies the highest-quality wheels Made In U.S.A. and we sell them at a fair price.  Each wheel is made with the finest industrial grade diamond media, expertly bonded to a precision wheel blank designed to fit your tungsten grinder!

Wheels For Every Machine
We stock wheels for Sharpie™, Turbo Ace, Super Turbo, Turbo-4, Radnor, Weldmark®, OKI, Best Welds, Abicor Binzel®, Diamond Ground Products Piranha II, Piranha III & DGP, Neutra, Neutrix, Ultima TIG & Black Gold, Orbitalum Weldcraft® , Georg Fisher +GF+ ESG Plus, Pro-Fusion Sharp Shooter, TechSouth Powerpoint, Intercon TIG 10/175, CK Worldwide® TurboSharp X and more.

Wheel Core Exchange
Return your worn-out diamond grinding wheels to Arc-Zone, and we’ll give you a $25.00 discount on a new wheel purchase within 30 days (applies to new wheels valued at $100.00 or more).  By returning your used wheels, you’ll reduce the environmental impact, better still, you’ll reduce the impact on your wallet!  

Note:  Arc-Zone reserves the right to limit the number Wheel Exchanges and discontinue the program at any time without notice. Wheels purchased and exchanged must be valued at $100 or more. Prior proof of purchase from Arc-Zone required.

Learn More: 
Tungsten Grinder Selector Guide (pdf)
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Grinding Tungsten Electrodes with Diamond Wheels (pdf)

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