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Curved Trail Shields

High-Tech Curved Trail Shields for Machine Mounted TIG Torches.

Precision designed curved trail shields are engineered to deliver a coherent umbrella of shielding gas for the most demanding TIG/GTAW welding of reactive metals such as titanium, molybdenum, nickel-based and aluminum based alloys as well as non-reactive metals like stainless steel. The ultimate curved trailing shields provide an inert atmosphere for increased weld-quality, consistency and reduced gas consumption, while minimizing post-weld cleanup.

Designed to work with the industry's most common machine or manual (hand-held) gas tungsten arc welding torches, these precision devices optimize distribution of the shielding gas, and maintain correct gas velocity ratios between the multiple gas paths. Developed for automated high-tech TIG/GTAW welding, these trail shields are engineered to flow shield gases over a targeted area to promote sufficient cooling, prohibit exposure to oxygen, and prevent weld contamination.

Curved Shields are available for both Hand-Held and Machine TIG torches and in sizes 1/2" - 1 1/2" (1.27cm - 3.81), 1 1/2" - 2 1/2" (3.81cm - 6.35cm), 2 1/2" - 3 1/2" (6.35cm - 8.89cm), and 3 1/2" - 4 1/2" (8.89cm - 11.4cm).

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