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CoolKit™ Water-Cooled TIG Machine Upgrade Kit

Upgrading is Easy with the CoolKit™

Say goodbye to your bulky, air-cooled TIG torch and say hello to the high-performance, cool running genuine Arc-Zone Pro™ TIG Torch Package included in your new kit.  You know you're tired of setting down your overheated air-cooled TIG torch just when you're in the welding groove. 

Why Water-Cooled Over Air-Cooled? 

Because water-cooled TIG torches are smaller, lighter in your hand, more flexible and twice as efficient.  Water-cooled TIG torches deliver more arc energy, and you can weld longer at much higher amperages.

CoolKit™ Everything You Need in One Easy-to-Install Kit! 

  • Premium Arc-Zone Pro Series™ high-performance TIG torch package. Built with superflex rubber cables, protective cable cover and 3/32" (2.4mm) gas lens parts installed
  • High-efficiency 2 gallon (10,000 BTU) stainless steel closed loop water cooling system
  • 1 gallon of Defence concentrated coolant (makes 3 gallons)
  • Water-in & water-out hoses, fittings & adapters
  • Hook up instructions
  • How to Maximize Water-Cooled TIG Torch Performance
  • 10 Great Tips for Setting Up Water-Cooled TIG Welding System

CoolKit™ upgrade kits are designed for Import or Domestic air-cooled TIG machines including, Everlast, Miller® Econo TIG, Syncrowave® 180SD, 200, Dynasty® 200, 300, Maxstar® 200, 300.  Lincoln® Square Wave 175, 175 Pro, 275, Precision TIG 185, 225, Invertec® V250ST.  Plus other popular power supplies with International Dinse type plug connectors, or 1/2" (13mm) threaded stud connections.

CoolKit™ Options:

Welding Machine Type Threaded Post Large Dinse Large Gas-Thru Dinse
DF-TIG-er Water Cooler X X X
Water in & Out Hoses X X X
Gas Hose X X X
Complete TIG Torch X X X
Cable Cover X X X
Power Connector X X X
Coolant X X X
PRO Accessory Parts Kit Optional Optional Optional

Use Drop Down Menu to Add a Pro Parts Kit:  

Pro Kit includes a complete range of torch accessories - Gas Cups & Gas Lens Collet Bodies from .040" (1.0mm) -to- 1/8" (3.2mm), Short, Medium & Long Back Caps, TIG Calculator, Insulators, O-rings,  ArcTime™ Hybrid Tungsten Electrodes & Replacement Parts List. Everything you need to TIG Weld Like a Pro!

Take Advantage of our Payment Plan: 3 Easy Monthly Payments Billed to Your Credit Card. . . Upgrade Today!

Call Customer Care to Place Your Order at 1-760-931-1500. Note: Orders placed on Arc-Zone.com are not eligible for the payment plan. Certain restrictions & qualifications apply. 

Starting at:  $1,091.62
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Starting at:  $1,069.00
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Starting at:  $1,094.22
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