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TL300 - 350 Amp Flex TIG Torch Packages

Trim-Line™ TIG Torches Significantly Reduces Torch Body Size While Maintaining Amperage Capacity, Increasing Accessibility And Enhancing Operator Comfort

Water-Cooled, Rigid or Flexible Head TIG Torch
Amperage: 350 Amp ACHF or DCSP @ 100%
Torch Length:  8 in (20.3 cm)
Torch body weight:  5 oz (141 gm)

Engineered for high amperage, water-cooled applications Trim-Line™ series TIG torches take advantage of a stream-lined torch body and handle design for a more comfortable fit in you hand, allowing you to do more welding per hour with less stress and strain. 

Trim-Line™ torches can be configured for nearly any job by choosing from the parts listed in the product category icons, or view the parts individually from the "3" series parts listed below.  The CK-TL300 Series are compatible with 17, 18, 26, CS300, & CS310 Parts.

Need help figuring out which front end parts you need for your torch? Check out Arc-Zone.com's Informative Exploded Parts View Here: 3 Series Accessories (.pdf).

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