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Flex-Loc™ Swivel Head, Modular Torch

CK Worldwide® FlexLoc™ Series Air-Cooled TIG Torches, Innovative Design Built For Accessibility, Durability And Performance

Designed for precision fabricators and contractors with tough requirements, the air-cooled Flex-Loc™ TIG Torch series provides application versatility and innovation not found in any other TIG torch body design.  With the modular torch body, and interchangeable heads that pivot 360º you can "flip the head" from one side to another, and rotate as needed for your welding application. 

Adjusting the head angle is easy, simply loosen the head mounting screw, reposition the head and "loc" it in place - no more head flexing and bending as you walk the cup, no more broken torch bodies common with standard "flexible" TIG torches that use a copper coil assembly.  Additionally, you can choose between the CK "2" Series (WP-9, 20, CS310) consumables or the CK "3" Series (WP-17,18, 26, CS300 and CS410) consumables based on the job requirements. 

The FlexLoc™ "swivel" head air-cooled TIG torch series can tackle just about anything you throw at it.  And for the fabricator who needs a torch with a gas valve, the bullet-proof, built-in "twist-lock" style gas valve design is integrated into the torch body -- no more wasted down time because of lost or cross-threaded gas valve stems common with TIG torches that use "screw-in" type gas valves.

Two Models Available: CK-FL130, rated @130 Amps and uses the "2" series parts, or the CK-FL150 rated @150 amps and uses the "3" series parts.

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