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BuildPro™ & Rhino Cart™ Welding Tables -- Free Shipping --

Fixture Efficiently & Fabricate Accurately

-- SALE -- Save 10% on StrongHand Tool™ Fixture Tables & Accessory Kits! -- Free Shipping --

The affordable, modular BuildPro™ welding tables from StrongHand Tools™ increase productivity and work quality while reducing project lead times. Arc-Zone offers Free Shipping* on BuildPro™ welding tables shipped within the contiguous United States. Note: *For Residential addresses -- freight companies charge $75 for lift gate & scheduling services.

Arc-Zone understands that purchasing a welding table is an important investment for your shop. Our partnership with StrongHand Tools is founded on bringing the best tools to market; welding tools that improve quality, efficiency, and job satisfaction. These testimonials reaffirm our confidence in the entire Stronghand and BuildPro product lines. Here's a exert from Mythbusters' host, Jamie Hyneman's, testimonial:

I first saw a BuildPro welding table a couple of months ago at Tech Shop in San Francisco, and I had to have one. The design is ingenious, but this is no ‘gadget’ - while solid as a rock, it is flexible enough to accommodate and lock down anything you can fit on it. And as any experienced welder knows, jigging things solidly before welding is crucial if you want to do a neat, professional job that doesn’t warp from the weld stresses. And you can spend more time jigging a workpiece down properly than actually putting it together. Not with this table and the accessories though-they thought of everything: nitrided surfaces that weld splatter won’t stick to, sectioned plates that come off easily if you need clearance, and every imaginable clamp and hold down that can socket cleanly into the hundreds of machine perfect holes. They are designed so that adjustments are instant, and will accommodate any configuration. There is nothing else like it out there- all you have to do is look at one and you’ll understand.

Jamie Hyneman
CEO of M5 Industries Inc.
Host of Mythbusters

--NEW-- BuildPro™ Manipulator Table!
$1,935.00  $1,750.00
Save: $185.00
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