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TIG / PAW Trail Shields & Purge Cups

Precision Gas Shielding Devices Engineered to Improve Your Welding Performance & Quality

Improve your weld quality and reduce gas consumption with Arc-Zone's line of gas shielding devices. Precision Welding Technologies' patented technology modifies gas flow and pressure to create highly efficient gas shielding system.

Designed to work with the industry's most common machine or manual gas tungsten arc welding torches, and plasma arc welding torches, these devices optimize distribution of the shielding gas, and maintain correct gas velocity ratios between the multiple gas paths.

Developed for automated high-tech TIG/GTAW and Plasma Arc Welding (PAW) applications, these products are engineered to flow shield gases over a targeted area to promote sufficient cooling, prohibit exposure to oxygen, and prevent weld contamination.

For torches not listed, or other specialized requirements, please contact Arc-Zone.com for a quote.

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