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Welding Automation Kits & Accessories

Scalable Automation Solutions Designed to Increase Welding Production, Quality & Consistency

Take your welding operation to another level of production throughput and finished part quality with Arc-Zone's complete line of best in class machines.  We partnered with ProArc® to deliver semi-automated welding solutions that are cost effective and scalable.  ProArc® has lead the industry with high-quality, semi-automated and automated welding products since 1965.

Choose from L, R, U or S type base systems and add optional components to meet your welding automation needs.  Arc-Zone's DIY welding automation kits start with a base rail foundation in Lengths from 48" (1.2m), 60" (1.5m) & 72" (1.8m). 

Analog and digital positioners, torch stands, torch lifts, torch holders and tail stock components are available for you to personalize your welding system for current jobs and gives you the flexibility to update and retool your system as needs grow, and jobs change.

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