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Improve Your TIG/GTAW Welding Productivity, Weld Quality, Eliminate Material Waste & Reduce Costs with Cold Wire Feed

Manually adding cut length TIG filler rod to the weld puddle is labor intensive, expensive and wasteful.  Our TIG Cold Wire Feed machines use industry standard "spooled" wire which eliminates wasted "stub loss" common with 36" long cut length TIG welding rod.  Another advantage of using spooled wire is cost-- spooled welding wire is considerably less expensive than cut length TIG rod, and Cold Wire Machines eliminate the starting and stopping common with 36" cut length rod, increasing your weld arctime, and improving welding productivity by up-to 30%!

Additionally, the machines enclosed cabinet protects the filler wire, keeping it clean which results in consistently higher-quality welds. The TIG Cold Wire Feed process is designed to improve automated and manual TIG welding applications.

Choose the Cold Wire Feed machine and a hand or machine mounted TIG torch based on your TIG welding application and budget-- If needed we Arc-Zone can assemble a custom system for your application.

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