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Amplify™ Tungsten Electrodes, All Blends & Sizes

Popular Blends for Consistent Performance & Improved Weld-Quality

AMPLIFY™ brand performance electrodes, exceptional quality that meet or exceed ISO 6848 and AWS A5.12 standards.  Available in 1.5% Lanthanated (Gold), 2% Lanthanated (Dark Blue), 2% Ceriated (Grey), 2% Thoriated (Red), Zirconiated (Brown) and Pure (Green) in sizes from .020" - 1/4" (0.5mm) - (6.3mm)

High-quality tungsten is critical in automated TIG/GTAW and Plasma Arc Welding applications.  Minimizing variables will get you more consistent, high-quality welds, and lower welding costs.

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