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Alpha 28 Welding Tables w/ Six Legs, 3.0 x 1.5 M

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SHT-T28-3015XQ Precision 5-Face Welding & Fixturing Tables

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The only modular ultra heavy duty welding table with positionable, self-locating, reversible Table Plates for unlimited possibilities in heavy duty fixturing for welding and fabrication. Accurately locate, position and clamp stock for higher quality welding.

BuildPro Engineers developed the Alpha 28 line by customer demand for an affordable, heavy duty, metric Welding Table. The five-face Alpha 28 Table is the optimal solution for precision vertical and horizontal fixturing to expand your capabilities in welding and fabrication.

Each plate of the table is made from a low alloy tool steel that’s tough enough for use in the mold making industry. After surface grinding and machining, each plate is further enhanced with a QPQ nitriding process that improves hardness, corrosion resistance, and resistance to weld spatter.

Plates on the table can be repositioned, or removed as applications dictate; a patented plate locating system means the spacing of the holes are always within tolerance without the need for special re-calibration.


  • Table plates are made from tough P20 low alloy tool steel for a HV750 hardness, then CNC machined for flatness
  • QPQ Nitriding treatment provides corrosion and weld spatter resistance for superior performance and wear
  • Patented, self-locating table plates can be repositioned, then easily realigned to the original position.  Reposition the table plates as needed to increase the width of the table for oversized or complex fixtures
  • Heavy duty leveling feet ensure proper leveling of the table on uneven surfaces
  • Reversible top plates enable each table plate to be removed and flipped 180 degrees to expose a new working surface if the top side has been damaged or worn
  • Side plates also use a self-locating bushing system


Part # SHT-T28-3015XQ--
Tabletop (Surface) Dimensions 3.0m x 1.5m x 200mm
(118" x 59" x 7.9")
Gross Weight
(Depending on Leg Options)
1,558 - 1,720 kg
(3,434 - 3,792 lbs)
Hole Diameter 28mm +0.20/-0
Hole Spacing 100mm) +/- 0.05"
Table Flatness +/- 0125mm per 600 x 600mm
Plate Thickness 25mm +/- 0.06mm
Tabletop Finish Nitrided (Heat Treated)
Friction Coefficient 0.37
Top Plate Hardness HV 750
Top Plate Material P20
Side Plate Hardness HV  550
Side Plate Material Q345B
Capacity (w/o Casters) 6,000 kg (13,227 lbs)
Capacity with Casters 4,800 kg (10,582 lbs)

Leg Options:

Leg Style Heavy Duty
Heavy Duty
Heavy Duty
Adjustable (1" Increments) Fixed Legs
w/ Casters
Adjustable with Casters
Table Surface Height 560mm (22") 710mm (27.9") 860mm (33.9") 810 ~ 1,160mm (31.9 - 45.7") 1,035mm (40.7") 765 ~970mm (30.1 - 38.2")
Leg Part # SHT-T28-81004 SHT-T28-81005 SHT-T28-81007 SHT-T28-82009 SHT-T28-81406 SHT-T28-82407



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