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About Welding Gloves

How to find the right size welding glove: Use This Handy Chart To Find Your Glove Size

How do I find the right size welding glove? Measure around your hand above the V of the thumb. This gives you the circumference in inches. Compare it to the measurement table below to find your corresponding glove size.

Men's Welding Gloves:

man's hand with tape measure wrapped around
Size XS S M L XL
Inches 6" - 7" 7 - 8" 8" - 9" 9" - 10" 10 " - 11"

Women's Welding Gloves:

woman's hand with tape measure wrapped around
Size XS S M L XL
Inches 6" - 7" 7 - 8" 8" - 9" 9" - 10" 10 " - 11"

Special Glove Features:

Name Description
Welted Seams This feature is where strips of leather or other material protrude from the seams to protect the stitching from abrasion and/or sparks.
Seamless Index Finger A design in which the seam at the side of the index finger is placed farther away from the working area leaving the finger smooth and clear for better dexterity.
Pre-Curved Fit Ergonomic gloves designed with the Revco Fit that conforms to the natural form of the hand for an unparalleled fit.
Kevlar® Stitching Kevlar® thread offers better protection against sparks and abrasion than cotton thread.Usually found on higher quality welding gloves.

Thumb Types:

Name Description
Keystone Thumb Classic ergonomic design of the thumb resulting in superior movement and comfort. Found mostly on driving gloves.
Wing Thumb Angled construction allows good flexibility with no seams in the palm area to obstruct work or cause fatigue. Found on welding, driving, leather palm, and ergonomic gloves.
Straight Thumb Simple design that points vertically and is good for gripping. Found on welding, driving, and cotton/synthetic gloves.
Reversible Thumb The thumb is at the side of the glove giving these symmetrical gloves an ambidextrous fit. Found on cotton/synthetic gloves.

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