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About Us


Arc-Zone.com Delivers Pro Welding & Metal Fabrication Tools to Customers Worldwide

Since 1998, we have been experts in providing our customers with the latest tools and technical help by using the power of technology and good old-fashioned customer service by folks who care. 
We make it quick and easy for you to get exactly what you need to grow your business, complete that project, and overall hone your metal fabrication skills.

Our Story

My name is Jim Watson Jr., aka "Joe Welder", founder of Arc-Zone.com, Inc. 
When I was 19, my dream was to set up a top-notch race car fabrication shop in my parents’ garage. I quickly learned that the quality tools and technical support I needed just weren’t available from my local mom-and-pop suppliers. I knew there had to be a better way for kids like me to have access to professional-grade tools and expertise, even if that meant I had to be the one to supply them. That’s why I created Arc-Zone.

Motorsports drove me to learn and perfect my skills in all aspects of motor-based metal fabrication: chassis design and the physics associated with it, welding, machining, and mechanical engineering, to name a few. As any successful racing team knows, specialized skills and attention to detail are absolute necessities if you’re to reach the top. Those skills led me to a job at Weldcraft Products, which, at the time, was a small company that specialized in building TIG torches and accessories.
I worked hard to become Product Manager and ultimately Director of Manufacturing. In that role I had the opportunity to put my skills to the test and work with a fantastic team of incredibly sharp individuals. We worked vigorously to build Weldcraft into one of the most innovative and highest quality welding equipment companies in the world! 

In 1997, I resigned from my position at Weldcraft and took the first daunting steps of creating my own company. I wanted to use the internet, as I knew it was a great way to connect with customers and make quality tools easier to get. 

In June 1998, I started building Arc-Zone.com with nothing but my trusty i386 computer, a dial-up internet connection, cordless phone and a considerable portion of my garage. We were the first e-commerce company to sell welding and metal fabrication tools online.

Arc-Zone: The BeginningMy goal was clear: I wanted to build the best welding supply company in the world. We had to deliver high-performance welding accessory products, services, and solutions to metal fabricators and wow them with excellent customer service.

By focusing on continuous improvement Arc-Zone has grown year after year since our 1998 launch. Arc-Zone has created a worldwide following of loyal customers by focusing on customer service. Our incredible team is dedicated to adding value to the trades and giving back to the industry we love.

Get to know Jim at his blog, Joe Welder.

Leadership Team

Photo Rocio Ramirez
Financial & Budgeting Wizard
Photo Will Davies Vasconcelos
Technology & Web Property Master
Photo Steve Schumm
Operations & Facilities Ninja
Photo Adam Haley
R&D & New Product Visionary

The Arc-Zone® Team Celebrating 20 years of Excellence in Business!

Pro Partners

Arc-Zone Pro Partners are industry-leading metal fabricators who are successful entrepreneurs in the business of metal fabrication. Like you, our Pro Partners rely on quality tools and specialized equipment to do their jobs.  Arc-Zone works with the Pro Partner team to develop and test new innovative products that solve problems, save time and improve their bottom line.  Each of the Pro Partners actively support the trades through social media outreach, hands-on training seminars, new product demonstrations, trade shows, distributor open houses and more!   Click below to get to know them...

Arc-Zone In The News

Arc-Zone In The News!

Arc-Zone.com has authored multiple technical articles and we've been featured in a number of industry trade publications:

Apr.2016 Practical Welding Today What's Inside Your GTAW Torch .pdf
Apr.2015 Practical Welding Today Building a Winning Motorsports Weld Shop .pdf
Apr.2013 Practical Welding Today Five Tips for Successful Aluminum GTAW .pdf
Jun.2010 Practical Welding Today Arc-Zone.com Website Offers Live Chat .pdf
Aug.2009 Practical Welding Today Know Your TIG Torch .pdf
Mar.2007 The Fabricator Get the Hookup: 5 tips for connecting your GTAW torch .pdf
Feb.2005 Practical Welding Today Optimize your Plasma Performance .pdf
Aug.2004 Practical Welding Today Delta Repair Welders Aim High .pdf
Nov.2001 Welding Design & Fabrication Put Your Foot Down .pdf
Oct.2001 Welding Design & Fabrication Arc-Zone Moves to Carlsbad .pdf
May 2001 Welding Journal E-Commerce Makes Its Mark in Welding .pdf
- Ad Miller Ad Name Drops Carmen Electrode .pdf

Media inquires should be directed to: Sarah Dixon -- 760-931-1500

Press Releases

Aug.25, 2008 Arc-Zone.com Website Gets New Look .pdf
Jun.25, 2008 The Sky's the Limit with the New ArcTime .pdf
Apr.15, 2008 Arc-Zone.com Adds Safety Apparel to Webstore .pdf
Mar.25, 2008 CarmenElectrode.com to Feature Modern Day Rosie the Riveters .pdf
Feb.11, 2008 Arc-Zone.com Adds Books to Webstore .pdf
Jan.28, 2008 Arc-Zone.com Introduces new TIG Welding Product: Tungsten Electrode Stick Out Gauge .pdf
Jan.10, 2008 Arc-Zone.com Names Scott Reiman Director of Operations .pdf
Dec.01, 2007 Arc-Zone.com Launches Full Service E-Commerce Webstore .pdf
Jun.16, 2005 Arc-Zone.com Adds EZ Wipes to its Line of High Performance Welding Accessories .pdf
Jan.25, 2005 Arc-Zone.com Introduces Convenient, Portable, Dust-Free Tungsten Grinder .pdf
Jul.07, 2004 Arc-Zone.com Delivers Solutions Via Email .pdf
Sep.21, 2001 Arc-Zone.com Relocates to Expanded Offices in Carlsbad, CA .pdf
Jun.18, 2001 Arc-Zone.com Introduces Ergonomically-Designed Heavy Duty Remote Foot Control for TIG .pdf
Feb.01, 2000 Arc-Zone.com introduces Performance Enhancing Plug-n-Weld Systems .pdf
Feb.01, 2000 Arc-Zone.com Launches E-Commerce Superstore for Welding Accessories .pdf

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