June 24, 2019

#MillerMonday with @wicked_welding 💥 link in bio for more @miller_welders Digital Infinity Auto-Darkening helmets ⛑ — “Time to get this dirty! Fresh new lid for myself, a @miller_welders Digital Infinity Clearlight. First impressions... technology! This lens has lots of features I’m surprised…

Joe Welder

Sarah DixonJanuary 07, 2019

Blackburn’s Background Growing up, Dave Blackburn spent most of his time hanging out at his uncle’s body shop or at the garage door business his mom and step-dad owned. Without that experience, he said, “I wouldn’t be where I am.

Carmen Electrode

CarmenApril 09, 2019

One of the core values of the Carmen Electrode brand is empowering women. We strive to raise each other up, guide and support one another, learn and grow together, and encourage each other to take chances and step out of

Metal Mashup

EditorJune 13, 2019

May 2019: Pick-up a new tool, drop it low, slip into something comfortable, salute the Navy & dance like no one’s watching. CAN I BORROW THAT? You can pick your friends, and pick your tools, but you can’t steal your friend’s tools. Moral

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