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Micro TIG Torches

Weldcraft® Micro TIG Torches Solve Tough-to-Reach Welding Problems!

Now you can solve your restricted access TIG welding problems with the smallest, lightest and most powerful air-cooled and water-cooled TIG torches available.

Ideal For Merge Collectors, Boilers, Heat Exchangers, Tool & Die, Cylinder Heads & More!

Which Micro TIG Torch is Best for Your Application?

Micro TIG

  • Patented Water-Cooled Body
  • 125 Amp DC, 80 Amp AC  (60% duty cycle)
  • Versatile 45°, 90°, 180° head configurations
  • Three torch body lengths available
  • Specialized tool for a variety of applications


Micro TIG

  • Air-Cooled body  80° head angle
  • 50 Amp DC, 40 Amp AC (60% duty cycle)
  • Versatile modular torch body design
  • Built-in gas valve option
  • Replaceable heads, body tube and insulating sleeves
  • Delicate instrument for specialized applications