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Introducing Arc-Zone Pro Partner Jason Moser

Jason Moser, AKA @Jalumo1973 on Instagram, was officially the second member to join the Arc-Zone Pro Partnership. Jason specializes in heavy fabrication and repair of road construction equipment and has been in the industry for roughly 20 years. Some might say he is the epitome of the professional welder… He works for the man, is as humble as they come, and takes much pride in what he does and loves. One thing you wouldn’t know about Jason from his Instagram pics is that he has a heavy, southern accent… It’s always a treat to get him on the phone and hear him talk ;)

Jason Moser @jalumo1973 sporting the Arc-Zone Pro Partnership Tee

Jason Moser @jalumo1973 sporting the Arc-Zone Pro Partnership Tee

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Introducing Arc-Zone Pro Partner Wes Mishler

Before we get into the Q & A with Wes Mishler, AKA @wicked_welding on Instagram, we first want to tell you a little bit about how we came to know him…. We actually met Wes quite recently, sometime in early March, 2014, but since then, a whole lot has changed… At the time, we were in the process of officially launching the “Arc-Zone Pro Partnership”, which is a network of master fabricators and industry professionals who are committed to quality craftsmanship – but in its purest form, a way to celebrate the industry and our fellow tradesmen who are in it!

That being said, after lots of research and discussion, Wes was selected to be our very first Pro Partner, and boy were we lucky to have him! We didn’t know it at the time, but this professional partnership amongst a business and a fabricator, turned into a true friendship overtime.

Wes Mishler @wicked_welding

Wes Mishler @wicked_welding

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Introducing the Pro Partnership™

Too much of our industry is focused on the technical aspects of a product, the specs that make a product work… But product descriptions are boring. It’s the people, using these tools to fabricate incredible things on a daily basis, who are compelling, interesting, and informative.

The Pro Partnership™, formed in March of 2014, is a network of master fabricators, systems integrators, artists, and industry professionals committed to quality craftsmanship and moving the industry forward. So how can we celebrate and elevate the image of our industry? It begins with finding the right people who share the same vision as Arc-Zone, and as of today, our network consists of these five amazing tradesmen and women who are helping us reach that goal!

Arc-Zone Pro Partners

Arc-Zone Pro Partners

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CK Worldwide TIG Torch Madness

Regular readers of this blog know that I was the Director of Manufacturing, and later Sales Manager at Weldcraft so it was natural for Arc-Zone to sell Weldcraft TIG Welding torches.

It was also natural for us to sell torches from CK Worldwide–another top quality manufacturer.

CK has a long history of developing TIG welding torches for the aerospace industry in the Pacific Northwest. They manufacture a wide variety of torches and over the years they’ve developed some really innovative products, including some torches to solve some common problems.

The CK Flex-Loc Series TIG Torch

CK Worldwide Flex Loc TIG TorchThe Flex-Loc gives you the versatility of a flexible head torch without the downside—you can only bend them so many times before they break. And there’s no fix; you have to buy a whole new torch when it does. The Flex-Loc, however, is a modular design with an  indestructible hard plastic molded torch body and rubber molded torch heads. The real beauty is that the head rotates into different positions and you can lock it into place after selected your desired head angle/location.  We offer CK’s air-cooled 150-amp Flex-Loc TIG torch and the water-cooled 230-amp and 250-amp water cooled Flex-Loc torch.

The CK Contractor Series TIG Torch

CK Contractor Series TIG TorchThe Contractor Series is a rugged torch great for pipe work, oil and gas work, or any welding in the shop, or in the field. This torch is engineered for working in a tough environments. It has a stainless steel (rather than the traditional copper) head that you can’t strip out. The Contractor Series torch also has a built-in twist (left to right) gas valve instead of a screw-in valve stem. The gas valve is integrated—built in so there are no parts to lose. And if you lose a gas valve stem or strip out the threads out of your TIG torch head– you’re not making money while your search for replacements parts!

The Contractor Series TIG torch is available as 150-amp air-cooled torch.

The CK Trimline Series TIG Torch

CK Trimline TIG TorchWhile the Trimline Series only has two options, a 200 amp air-cooled torch and a 350 amp water-cooled torch, they are both great for heavy-duty applications, but without the heft and the bulky handles of similar amperage torches.

The Trimline is more compact, about 30% smaller and lighter so it’s more comfortable to use, but has all the power you’ll need.

In addition to these specialty torches, Arc-Zone carries the world’s most complete line of CK Worldwide TIG Torches and replacement parts, CK TurboSharp Tungsten Grinder, and CK’s tungsten electrodes. We also stock the GasSaver and wedge collets engineered to optimize your TIG torch set up and help you do better quality welds, while putting some cash in your pocket!

A Welding Table That Grows!

When I was building my first weld shop, I needed a heavy-duty welding table and I was able to buy one at an auction at Northrup Aircraft in Burbank Califiornia.  It was perfect, built with a 2” thick cast iron table top and five tubular legs with adjustable foot pads so you could level it.  That thing was so beefy, I needed a forklift to get it in and out of my one-ton Chevy Silverado truck (that’s another story).  And once it was in place in my shop, it stayed there.  It was not long ago, if you were a fabricator and wanted a welding table, you had to build your own, usually from a heavy-duty tube base with a piece of plate steel that you had blanchard—ground to make it perfectly flat—or you got lucky and found one already built that you could afford.  I considered myself lucky.

Strong Hand Tools BuildPro Welding Table

When I saw the Strong Hand Tools BuildPro welding table, I was amazed, I felt even better about them after I bought one and set it up in my latest welding shop at Arc-Zone!

BuildPro Welding Table

Here’s Joanie at Arc-Zone getting some work done on the BuildPro welding table

And now I’m very excited to offer the complete line of welding tables and fabrication accessories in the webstore.  These welding tables are modular, which means you can add what you need, when you Continue reading

Welding (DVDs) With Ron Covell

Ron Covell Welding DVDOne of our favorite fabricators is Ron Covell. Not only is he a master at his craft his How To Welding DVDs are some of the most popular in the industry–they are easy to follow and Ron knows his stuff.

Even if you’re already TIGing, check out the Advanced TIG welding DVD for some great tips on how to up your game.

Other Ron Covell Welding DVD titles include everything from MIG welding to working with tube and steel:

  • MIG Welding made Easy DVD
  • TIG Welding Basics DVD
  • Basic Techniques for Working with Steel DVD
  • Beading Machine Basics DVD
  • Building a Chopper Chassis – DVD
  • Building a Roadster Body – Part 1 – DVD
  • Building a Roadster Body – Part 2 – DVD
  • Chopping and Sectioning DVD
  • English Wheel Techniques DVD
  • Hammerforming Techniques DVD
  • High-Power Metalshaping Workshop (with Craig Naff)
  • Making Motorcycle Gas Tanks – DVD
  • Planishing Hammer Basics DVD
  • Scratch-Building a Fender DVD
  • Shaping Aluminum with Hand Tools DVD
  • Slicing and Dicing DVD
  • Working with Tubing DVD
  • Dozens of Ways to Work with Tubing 95 Minutes….

Oxy-Acetylene Welding DVD
Another great Welding DVD Arc-Zone has in the store– the new Steve Bleile Oxy-Acetylene welding and cutting DVDs. Steve covers equipment set-up, adjusting the regulators, lighting the torch, adjusting the flame and much more:

  • Oxy-Acetylene Welding DVD
  • Oxy-Acetylene Cutting DVD

Nothing can beat time on the torch to really Weld Like a Pro, but watching these DVDs can sure get you going in the right direction and with some advice from some really good fabricators.