Save with the Gas Saver from CK Worldwide

Gas Saver for your TIG welding torch

Large Nozzle Gas Saver

With taxes due, April is always a good time to think about saving money, so that’s our theme for the month: Savings.

Whatever your welding operation, at Arc-Zone we are always on the lookout for new products to improve your weld quality and services to save you time and to minimize the hassles involved in getting what you need to get the job done.

One of our most popular TIG Torch accessories is the Gas Saver™ series from CK Worldwide.  The gas saver is a modernized version of the traditional gas lens collet and collet body, engineered with some real performance advantages which translates into some real savings in weld  performance and gas usage.

Performance Advantages of the Gas Saver™

traditional gas lens with screens

Traditional Gas Lens

The TIG welding process by nature generates a certain amount of arczone spatter that over time can build up on the stainless steel screens in your traditional gas lens collet body. Continue reading

TIG Torch Roundup

To close out our TIG Torch Madness month, I thought I’d share the best articles we’ve written about TIG Torches over the years.

TIG Torches

Wondering which TIG Torch to buy?

Start with a quality manufacturer.  A quality TIG torch will last longer, and perform better for a quality weld.  This article, “TIG Torch materials: What’s the Difference” explains why.  And this article, “What makes one TIG torch better than another” explains why I’m so vehement about the subject.  They are not just “parts”.  Arc-Zone delivers highly engineered welding tools and accessories to fabricators who value quality as much as we do.  (That’s why we proudly offer CK Worldwide TIG torches and Weldcraft TIG torches in our store.) Continue reading

CK Worldwide TIG Torch Madness

Regular readers of this blog know that I was the Director of Manufacturing, and later Sales Manager at Weldcraft so it was natural for Arc-Zone to sell Weldcraft TIG Welding torches.

It was also natural for us to sell torches from CK Worldwide–another top quality manufacturer.

CK has a long history of developing TIG welding torches for the aerospace industry in the Pacific Northwest. They manufacture a wide variety of torches and over the years they’ve developed some really innovative products, including some torches to solve some common problems.

The CK Flex-Loc Series TIG Torch

CK Worldwide Flex Loc TIG TorchThe Flex-Loc gives you the versatility of a flexible head torch without the downside—you can only bend them so many times before they break. And there’s no fix; you have to buy a whole new torch when it does. The Flex-Loc, however, is a modular design with an  indestructible hard plastic molded torch body and rubber molded torch heads. The real beauty is that the head rotates into different positions and you can lock it into place after selected your desired head angle/location.  We offer CK’s air-cooled 150-amp Flex-Loc TIG torch and the water-cooled 230-amp and 250-amp water cooled Flex-Loc torch.

The CK Contractor Series TIG Torch

CK Contractor Series TIG TorchThe Contractor Series is a rugged torch great for pipe work, oil and gas work, or any welding in the shop, or in the field. This torch is engineered for working in a tough environments. It has a stainless steel (rather than the traditional copper) head that you can’t strip out. The Contractor Series torch also has a built-in twist (left to right) gas valve instead of a screw-in valve stem. The gas valve is integrated—built in so there are no parts to lose. And if you lose a gas valve stem or strip out the threads out of your TIG torch head– you’re not making money while your search for replacements parts!

The Contractor Series TIG torch is available as 150-amp air-cooled torch.

The CK Trimline Series TIG Torch

CK Trimline TIG TorchWhile the Trimline Series only has two options, a 200 amp air-cooled torch and a 350 amp water-cooled torch, they are both great for heavy-duty applications, but without the heft and the bulky handles of similar amperage torches.

The Trimline is more compact, about 30% smaller and lighter so it’s more comfortable to use, but has all the power you’ll need.

In addition to these specialty torches, Arc-Zone carries the world’s most complete line of CK Worldwide TIG Torches and replacement parts, CK TurboSharp Tungsten Grinder, and CK’s tungsten electrodes. We also stock the GasSaver and wedge collets engineered to optimize your TIG torch set up and help you do better quality welds, while putting some cash in your pocket!

What IS a TIG Torch Package?

One comment we hear often about TIG Torch packages “What do you mean a torch package only includes a torch body and a cable?”  

Arc-Zone TIG Torch Packages

Those of us in the industry are used to this, but fabricators new to the industry can easily end up ordering a TIG torch that they can’t use—at least until they buy the front end accessories.

A premium TIG torch package includes rubber cables and hoses, and a standard package includes vinyl, plastic cables and hoses.  What you don’t get is the front end parts you’ll need to actually use you torch:  gas nozzles, collets and collet bodies, a back cap, and tungsten electrodes.

TIG Torch Accessory KitIf you already have the TIG torch accessories you need, a standard or premium torch package is the way to go, but if you’re just starting out, or have a welding project that requires a different front-end setup for your torch, you’ll need to get the proper parts.  Keep in mind, what makes a quality TIG weld is how you accessorize the front end of your TIG torch.

Whether you’re upgrading an existing torch (air to water cooled, for example) or if you’re putting together a new welding setup, you’ll get the best weld with our Arc-Zone PRO packages.

Our Pro™ TIG Torch Packages Include:

  • TIG TorchTIG Torch with durable, super flexible rubber cables

  • 3/32″ (or 1/16” depending on the torch) Collet, Gas Lens Collet Body and Gas Nozzle, and Long Back Cap Installed

  • Flexible Ballistic Nylon Cable Cover Installed (water-cooled torches)

  • Long Back Cap

  • ArcTime™ Hybrid “Multi-Metal” Non-Radioactive Tungsten Electrode (pre-ground at a 22 degree angle)

  • Joe Welder’s™ Guide to Optimizing Your TIG Torch Performance

This torch package is ready to weld right out of the box!

We include the 3/32” or 1/16” set up because that is the most commonly used and is a good set up for most general welding applications.  If you’ll be working on a variety of welding projects, or some specialty set ups, you may want to add an accessory kit to your order. Arc-Zone offers everything from basic starter kits to our PRO accessory kits, Gas Saver Kits and Monster Nozzle kits that will give you everything you’ll need… to Weld Like a PRO™ 

We don’t include the DINSE connector for your power cable… you’ll have to order the small or large DINSE plug, or if you have an older machine, the threaded stud to DINSE converter to more easily connect your TIG Torch.  Check the owner’s manual  for your machine, or give us a call–our technical service team can hook you up!

A Good Welding Clamp Makes a Good Welding Connection

It’s been a while since a new product has come along that is really exciting to me and we’ve been fortunate to come across several lately:    the amazing StrongHand Tools welding tables, and some equally amazing welding clamps.  It used to be you had to cobble together all kinds of clamps to get your welding job set up, and it would take a lot of time–more time to set up than to weld!  And as you know, without proper fit you’re not getting a good weld, and you may end up with heat distortion.

We’ve recently added over 200 clamps and brackets–highly engineered welding tools to make proper fit and proper clamping a breeze, at a price you can afford.  In the web store you’ll find high quality pictures so you can see how they work.  

So continuing with our February theme of connections here’s a few of our favorite welding clamps:

Our top-of-the-line welding clamp comes from our friends at StrongHand Tools, it’s the 3-Axis Welders Angle Clamp, for your dream weld shop:

This may seem like a pricey welding clamp, but it’s really 4 clamps in one.    You’ll save on set up time and with the improved stability you’ll really  Weld Like A PRO!

If you’re a bit more budget conscious, check out the Portable MagVise welding clamp or the JointMaster Adjustable Angle Double Locking Clamp.,,, Continue reading

Your TIG Welding Torch Hook-Up

You may know that February at is all about connections and hook-ups in celebration of Valentine’s Day.  So this week’s post is all about hooking up your TIG welding torch to your welding machine.

Summit Racing, CAL Electric, Firepower, Eastwood, Longevity, Stark, Buffalo Tools….  What do these brands (and many more) have in common with Miller Electric, Lincoln Electric, and ESAB?

They all offer welding machines! I mentioned this phenomenon in my Report from FABTECHeveryone seems to be selling their own brand of welding machines. Of course there are tons of options to buy used machines as well. And it can get confusing when you’re ready to hook up your brand new Weldcraft TIG welding torch or CK Worldwide TIG torch… what connectors will you need?

At we make it easy… just follow these simple steps: Continue reading