New Rosies revisited: Debra Montgomery

Debra Montgomery, woman welderOur theme for February, in honor of St. Valentine’s Day, is connections and hook-ups… in the broadest (and cleanest) sense of the words.  Back in 2008 we began profiling women welders here.  I thought it would be fun to catch up with some of those fabulous female fabricators and see where they are now.

We met our first woman welder over on mySpace (is anyone still on mySpace?)  Anyway, her handle was SteelWitch, aka Debra Montgomery.  She answered a question I’d had about welding copper (copper, it turned out, was her metal “crush,” not steel as her handle implied).  Debra and her husband Eric had a custom fab shop in the Sierras near Sequoia National Park and one of their specialties–  kitchen hoods made of copper.  I asked her how things were going….

Carmen:  Do you still have a fab shop with your husband?  and how has the economy treated you?

Debra:  Yes, Eric and I still run The Metal Shoppe. The economy has been a little challenging. There were were some touch and go times, but things have picked back up and I think we are going into our best year yet in 2014. We have been working in the Los Angeles area, the Bay area and down in San Diego to name a few locations. We have also had some local work pick back up again. We feel like our website has been instrumental in keeping our business afloat. It really expands the potential clientele base! For example have shipped our hoods as far away as New York and Colorado this past year. Continue reading

New Year, New Arc-Zone Website

Whether you make New Year’s resolutions or not, the beginning of a new year always seems like a great time for new things. At we’ve unveiled a redesigned website.  It’s got a ton of new features in response to customer feedback–features that take advantage of technological improvements. We’re really excited about the new site, and hope you will be too!

Mobile Responsive Design

Our new site is designed to work wherever YOU work!  The site is optimized for mobile devices like laptops, iPads and other tablets, and even smartphones.  Now if you’re out in the field, you’ll find placing an order will be a breeze!  Especially with our improved navigation, simplified with Fly-Out menus, and quick search that will return accurate results making sure you find the product you need for your welding job.

the mobile website goes mobile!

Shopping Cart Widget

You’ll also find an improved shopping cart process, including a roving shopping cart featured in the header and a “Save for Later” feature.   Continue reading

A few of our favorite (welding) things

Believe it or not, at Arc-Zone we do get calls every year from folks who are not welders, but have welders in their life that they want to get a gift for.  So over the years we’ve come up with lists of items that make great gifts, our favorite welding things.

Now that I’ve written that title, I can’t get the Sound of Music song out of my head…

But really, this is a post about welding accessories–there is still time to get the welder in your life something special, or share this post with someone who wants to know what to get YOU.

Of course the easiest, and quickest gift is the gift card, good for any welding accessory in our store. And, we’ll deliver it via email!

the Gift Card

If you don’t delay and have time for shipping, one of my favorite items in our store is the BSX HelmetCatch(TM) backpack… it’s rugged enough for welding in the field, and it’s stylish.  The special compartment protects your welding helmet, and the rest of the bag, and the fact that it is a backpack allows you to easily carry all your welding tools to your shop or jobsite.

BSX Helmet Catch welding bag

You’ll find some more great welding gift ideas over on the blog: or browse the site (pay special attention to the Welding Apparel for women).

Welding Apparel for Women

Given the continued projected shortage of skilled welders, one can only expect the number of women in the welding industry to grow…  and with that growth, a demand for welding apparel that fits well.

AngelFire welding apparel for women

AngelFire welding apparel for women

We all know that women are shaped differently than men.  But did you know that AngelFire is not the only welding apparel for women?

Miller is introducing a new women’s line of their Arc Armor® apparel.

We are excited to see more options for women who weld in terms of apparel. Continue reading

Devon: Still Getting her (welding) Feet Wet

Devon: a New Rosie just getting started

Devon: a New Rosie just getting started

Devon attends college in Victoria, BC where she’s finishing her C level and working toward doing her CWB’s. “If you’re thinking about becoming a welder and are a hands-on, detail oriented person, do it! Just do it! You will learn a lot. I had never ever welded or done much trades work before I signed up for my C ticket at Camosun College. I wouldn’t say it’s easy but I found it to be lots of fun and a healthy challenge for myself.”
To learn more about Devon, continue for the rest of the interview… Continue reading

Thankful for FABTECH Welding Industry Trade Show

November always seems like a good month to focus on things we’re thankful for in the welding industry.  So, because FABTECH is coming up soon (November 18-21, 2013 in Chicago, Illinois), we thought we’d start there!


FABTECH, the welding industry’s largest trade show!

We at are thankful for FABTECH!  Jim Watson (founder and CEO of has been going to FABTECH off and on for many years, first when he worked for Weldcraft, then in 1999 when he officially  introduced (founded in 1998) to the welding industry.

At FABTECH Jim is able to meet with manufacturers and get a first-hand look at new products that our welding customers may need. Continue reading