From Nanny to US Navy Welder

Jim Watson and Alexandra Pollard at Arc-Zone

Alexandra Pollard with Jim Watson

Alexandra Pollard serves as an E-2 Hull technician (Welder and a plumber) in the U.S. Navy. She recently stopped by Arc-Zone to pick up some welding  supplies.

Alexandra has been welding since she was 8 years old. “I got started because my dad couldn’t fit under our 1965 Chevy Impala. He put the auto-darkening helmet on my head, handed me the MIG torch, and told me to fill a hole in the under body,” she says. Continue reading

Save with Blanket POs for your welding accessories

April is all about savings at Arc-Zone and we have tons of ways to save you money.  One often overlooked way will not only save you money but time.  Blanket purchase orders for your welding accessory needs.

Pre-ground Tungsten ElectrodesThis may not be a big deal if you are a small fab shop and you don’t need to buy welding accessories in bulk, but for those of our customers who run high volume or automated welding operations, having the accessories on hand for their welding application is imperative.  When you’re standing around waiting for parts to arrive, you’re not making money! Continue reading

TIG Torch (March) Madness!

In honor of March TIG Torch Madness Month, I thought I’d do a roundup of our best posts about TIG Torches.


Selecting the Right TIG Torch. Do you need an air-cooled or water-cooled TIG Torch?  How many amps?  Should you go all out and get the most amperage, the biggest TIG Torch?  This article will get you started in the right direction.  Of course you can always call the folks at for guidance based in your welding application. Continue reading

Celebrating Women’s (Welding) History with Rosie the Riveter

How it got to be March, I can’t fathom.  It seems we just got through the holidays and now we’re “Springing Forward”  (don’t forget to spring your clocks forward on Saturday night) and Women’s History Month is upon us. So in honor of Women’s History month, I thought a roundup of Rosie the Riveter history (or herstory) would be in order.

Where Did Rosie the Riveter Come From?

Rosie the Riveter

As most of you know Rosie the Riveter was an iconic (cartoon) figure who started out as a World War II era Norman Rockwell illustration for the cover of the Saturday Evening Post and became a propaganda poster to inspire women working at Westinghouse to support the war effort, filling jobs vacated by our young men who’d joined the military.

Did you know that there was a Rosie the Riveter SONG? Continue reading

Social Media and Welding Connections

One of the things we love most about the internet here at is that it allows us to connect with fabricators around the world!  We’ve shipped TIG, MIG and or Plasma Arc Welding accessories to just about every country around the world. Now with the popularity of social media, we not only connect with fabricators through our webstore, we get to see their work when they post photos on social networks like  Facebook, Instagram.

We’ve connected with some amazing and fun fabricators, here’s just a few who regularly comment and share with us:

One of our Instagram followers is Midnight Metal Craft in Roseville, Michigan.

Here’s just a taste of their work, these fine looking candle holders (pictured left)!  Check out their Facebook page for more awesome pics.



Another of our favorites is ToxicFab out of Kemah, Texas.   They lay some pretty impressive beads (see photo on the right).  They also have an impressive number of Instagram folllowers (and with pics like these, it’s no wonder!) not to mention Facebook Fans!

Untitled-2Another of our welding connections also hails from Texas: Isaac Carrion who offers welding and repair services.  You’ll find him posting pics of some of the heavy equipment repair jobs he’s out on and you can follow him on Instagram too!


leafAnd yes, fellow female fabricators,  we do have women welders who we connect with also.  Lea Fales is a designer, sculptor, and student (though she’s finishing up soon!) in Florida who works in metal.  And check her out (pictured right) Isn’t she sexy!


And last, but not least for this welding connection roundup, our friend from Down Under (that’s Australia), Weldporn, who celebrates great welders, and great welds on his Instagram account every day. And has started up his own welding apparel business too!

And if you’re looking for the more traditional welding connections, like the connectors that get your TIG torch hooked up to your welding machine, or that connect your welding power cables, and gas and water lines…  check out the welding connectors section over at (sorry, had to get our own product plug in there somehow!).

And you can find Arc-Zone on Instagram, and on Facebook as well!  We’ll post about company news, new welding products, and we may share your story!


Welding Table Connections

Connections and hookups month (aka our interpretation of Valentines Day!) continues with this celebration of the newest addition to our store… the complete line of StrongHand(TM) Tools welding tables from the amazing BuildPro to the portable yet rugged Nomad table.  In fact, we’re so excited, we’re giving away a  welding table over on our site!

the BuildPro modular welding table

The top-of-the-line modular BuildPro welding table is modular and  designed to grow with your business. It’s also  easy to set up (each panel only weighs 40 lbs) and there are some incredible fixturing kits (connectors and clamps) to will help you with any welding project you can dream up! Continue reading